Asteya = Non stealing

Asteya demands non stealing but it is not related to just physical property but also action, speech and thoughts.

Asteya = Non stealing materially or mentally

Most of us have stolen from others in way way or another one, sometimes trying to show off or to simple demonstrate that you have been in their own shoes. But we need to learn from it.

For instance: when somebody is excited telling you about a future trip and you interrupt saying that you have already been there and start offering things to do. That is stealing the excitement from somebody instead of letting them finish and after that, you can share your experiences.

Or when you have a commitment with somebody and you simple decide to change the plans because you decide you have a better experience or things to do. Here you are stealing time from that person. Things could be common on couples when they are planning projects as a family such as a couples' trip or getting pregnant but then one of the partners decides to spend the money for that trip on a new TV or decides that s/he is not ready to be a parent. This is another way of stealing from the future once you have committed plans together.

In some cases, we even steal from ourselves, how? - when you compare to others and you focus your energy on trying to be and act like them, or wondering why you are not as lucky as that person is.

"Be a forklift, you should always be lifting people up"

Shine up and light who surrounds you. And don't forget that this practice should apply to our mother earth. Every time you take something from the nature, give it back to it.

Be happy, be truthful, be compassionate and give to you, to others and to your world.

How to practice Asteya?

1) Celebrate others successes

2) Whatever you take, return it on equal value

3) Use what is available to you, and enjoy it without the need of owning

4) Get closer to your dreams and goals


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