Satya = Truthness

This yama follows the non-violence principle by being truthful while not damaging others.

Truthness goes far beyond not telling lies. It means accepting your inner self, being real, expressing your desires, growing and flowing with each moment.

  • Be real versus be nice

Seems that both are good qualities to have, then why being one versus the other one?

How many times you have said YES because of pressure, guilt or simply trying to be nice, when in reality you just wanted to say NO?

This reminds me of my friend Kat when she was working as a flight attendant. She had to be nice and smile to passengers as one of the main requirements of her role. When passengers asked her: “Could you put my suitcase in the carry-on compartment?”. She used to smile with a YES, but internally, she was thinking “why don’t you do it yourself?”. Kat was showing her beautiful smile, however, she was doing the opposite of what she wanted.

Life is full of situations like this when instead of being real, we choose to be nice. The result is our true self feeling empty and tired. Similar to when you make time for others, but there is no time for you.

  • Self-expression versus self-indulgence

How many times you feel bad for putting our needs in the first place?. It is time to start loving yourself before loving others. It is to be happy and in peace to share all your beauty with others.

I have met several people who live their lives serving the community, even though, they have not been asked for help. These individuals are seen as a nice person who helps others when they need it. On the opposite side, these people do not work on their inner needs or dreams, they don’t express or fulfill their desires, they just follow others’ needs and practice self-indulgence. They learned to be used and they disguise it as community support.

Do not let your dreams stay behind or for a tomorrow list. Do what you love without postponing for too long, this is what keeps your essence alive.

  • Growth versus the need to belong

As human beings, we want to feel part of a group, knowing that we belong to a place where we can always come back and where we are accepted as we are (Family, friends, work, sports, etc…)

However, growth happens when we discover what our inner self requests. Growing is change and with change, we may have to modify or expand our need to belong.

  • Fluidity versus rigidity

How many times you have lost precious time such as enjoying a sunset, walking in the forest or simply sharing time with your beloved ones? Only because you thought, you HAD TO do something “urgent” like going to the supermarket, answering a work email or changing your mind after a silly distraction.

Try to flow with life specially during rigid moments when all you have is a detailed plan. During these moments, there is always time to enjoy and stop for a few minutes. Do not drive yourself into an interminable to-do-list. Explore the unknown, the unseen and the unplanned.


Self-expression means being real, grow in the process and flowing with the moment.

Self-indulgence is being nice, refusing change and getting attached the one possibility out of a 1000 available.

Stop pleasing everyone and start enjoying your time which is not coming back again.

Realness is a journey which does not have to be too complex. Start with little steps until you realize how your are fulfilling your life.

Which path are you taking? The easy, stagnant, self-indulgence one or the one that demands your realness and growth.


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